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Why Us Real Plast ?

Wood is precious enity from the mother earth. we eat the froots of the treets planted years before, by our forefathers. But do we really think for our next generation? Answer is No. Becouse since Decades the practice of planting trees is almost stopped and become not mandatory. This has created a huge loss of Green cover From the earth.
Today, We have Two options: plant trees in a massive scale or swith over to wood substitute products. First option is more important but it will need years but second option is in our hand and we can start using those from just now.
Thus we have brought pvc products as a most effective wood substitute for vivid applications. use of pvc gives advantage of recycling and this can save more than one tree in a single life cycle.
So start using pvc and save natural wood. after all we have to think for future of our children.

Our Stenhths

Our strength lies in our people, in our focus, in our innovation driven ideas, and in our global presence. Together, they make Real Plast what it is today – a leader in PVC Furniture.
Our People
They’re our greatest strength. And why wouldn’t they be? They bring experience, expertise, and more importantly, an insurmountable passion to the table. Without them, we wouldn’t have reached this far.
We focus on helping our clients do better at their business with our innovative range of products and solutions.
Innovation Driven Ideas
‘Active Thinking’ is deep ingrained in all of us – be it our people, processes, or products, they all shine through, no matter what the market looks like.

‘Active Thinking’ has helped us innovate better and develop more practical, profitable products and solutions for our target markets.
Manufacturing Capabilities
Led by the highly motivated and experienced leadership team, the Real Plast group’s capabilities are explored through an innovation driver approach which makes us successful in all the segments where we operate.
Statement Of Purpose
To make a positive difference in our customer's life through a continuous process of challenging conventions and innovating to offer meaningful products & solutions.
Every individual has complete freedom to learn, become involved in the area of his/her choice and is given a platform to share and develop his/ her ideas. Position or hierarchies never come in the way of innovation. It is only through such freedom that we continue to add value to the lives of our customers.
As a team we put trust in each other to own each task and see it through with passion and conviction. The honesty and transparency with which we work keeps us close to our customers- the people we work for.
To achieve excellence we practice excellence at every step. With every solution we create, it is our endeavor to maximize its potential in terms of quality and reach.
We have taken it upon ourselves to create solutions for ‘ALL’ so that it may contribute to the progress not only of the nation but of individuals it consists of, irrespective of social or economic class. When we move forward on the path of advancement, millions move ahead with us.
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
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