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With their unwavering efforts and amazingly imaginative designs, we have set a new standard for UPVC profiles. At a time when the majority of buyers choose UPVC, those products that are uniquely designed stand out.

Welcome to our company

With their unwavering efforts and highly imaginative designs, we have set a new standard for UPVC profiles. At a time when the majority of consumers prefer UPVC, Ramdev Profiles stands out among competitors by offering items that are uniquely created and tailored to their needs.


We have produced products such as Modular Kitchens, UPVC Doors, Wardrobes, Malia, Partition, Ceilling And Wall Paneling, and Office Furnitures for our consumers with the four various brands that we offer. Our customers may make their homes look clean and clutter-free by using these various products.


Our commitment to our job, together with our ambition to deliver high-quality items, has always resulted in us delivering finished goods well ahead of schedule. We are known for meeting deadlines while maintaining high quality. We don't sell things; instead, we provide solutions to our clients. Customers keep coming back to us because we are known for instilling contemporary trends and adapting them in our UPVC profile designs. Our highly skilled workforce, which consists of a mix of highly skilled and efficient professionals, provides a solid foundation for our company.


Our main goal is to establish a long-lasting reputation by providing superior products and services.

Real Plast
Real Plast

Our vision and business idea

The objective of RAMDEV PROFILES is to "provide a better everyday life for many people." "To offer a wide selection of well-designed, effective home furnishing products at prices so low that as many people as possible can afford them," is our company concept.

We strive to provide our clients with high-quality products at reasonable rates by optimising our whole value chain, establishing long-term supplier partnerships, investing in highly automated production, and producing enormous volumes. Our vision is broader than just home decor. We want to make every day a little bit better for everyone who is affected by our company.

Sustainable growth

Our investing for the future

The REAL Group's fundamental financial principle is to grow by utilising our own resources. To put it another way, we earn money before we spend it. As a result, we are able to make long-term investments in the future.

The RAMDEV PROFILES vision is the bedrock of our expansion. We want to make RAMDEV PROFILES as accessible as possible so that more people can improve their daily lives at home. We reinvest the bulk of our income in existing and new REAL PLAST FURNITURE stores, as well as in product development, sustainable solutions, and by offering our consumers lower costs.

Real Plast
Real Plast

Real Plast for business

Whether you work in retail, hospitality, or an office, time and money are too valuable to waste. As a result, we make certain that our well-designed office furniture is well worth the investment. And we'll assist you with getting everything shipped, assembled, and ready for your customers.

Choosing materials

Since 2006, we've worked hard to ensure that all of our home furnishings are made from renewable, recyclable materials. It's an issue of accountability for us. However, we feel that making the best use of resources allows us to keep pricing low while maintaining good quality. Here are some of the more environmentally friendly materials that we use nowadays.

Product safety

We endeavour to adhere to the most stringent safety and quality regulations and standards in the markets where we operate, and we occasionally go above and above to establish our own, more stringent standards. We take great care when developing a new product to ensure that we can uphold our promise to our customers - that authentic plast products are safe to use.

Creating safe products

Product safety risk assessment is an important aspect of the product development process at real plast. At every stage of a new product's development, our designers, product developers, and technicians assess the product's safety, quality, and environmental impact.

To detect and minimise any safety issues, we test our goods for both intended and unintentional uses.

Each product undergoes extensive testing before being released, and we do not release it until we are confident that it is safe. Even after our goods have been released, we continue to examine and test them on a regular basis, making adjustments as needed.

Real Plast

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