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Enviornment Care

All our brands are produced in our workshop located at Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

We believe in environment sustenance and care and it can be seen from the way we create and manufacture our solutions. Right from the raw materials to the process we use to design are environment friendly.
This ensures a conscious focus on business practices which sustain the environment by using the effective energy saving techniques, using sustainable components and resource conservation. The stabilizers used to create PVC profiles are non toxic, which is why when they are used within human surroundings they don't produce any harm. We use recycled and lead free PVC as raw material which is then melted through extrusion for continuous profile. The waste generated through our manufacturing process is exited using proper channels so that pollution, either water or land, is not caused in any way possible.
We are very much conscious of our waste, and deliberately seek out to the process of reduce, recycle and reuse. We create relationships not just with people but also with our environment.
An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company.
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